Trustmapping allows schools to pre-empt bullying and proactively care for students who are left out by their peers.


Gain complex insights from a simple survey

Trustmapping provides objective data on the connectedness of a group of students from a 5min survey. Trust Mapping focuses on identifying potential problems within the relationships of the school before negative cycles become noticed and help to ensure that every student has someone they can go to in times of need.


Meaningful data is collected 
and analysed

Students who stand out from the mean of the cohort are identified. Students with no "Trusted Allies" are flagged. Compare a student's total score difference between terms and note noticeable differences. Identify relationships which are out of balance by two or more difference of opinion. Summarise all data for staff, including a comparison between previous data collected.

Quadrant chart

Powerful four quadrant scatter graph.

Response chart

How individuals responded to the class and how the class responded to the individual.

Ratings grid

What the students chose to express including a Trusted Adult at school.

Individual graph

Focus on an individual student’s relationships with the rest of their peers.

Trusted matrix

A matrix shows all of the data from each survey on one interactive page.

A focused and proactive plan is formed

An Individual Connection Plan is devised for any students identified as at risk. This plan can be formalised in a provided template or less formal in an email thread. The main thing is that the information gleaned from Trustmapping is acted on systematically. The longitudinal aspect of Trustmapping reveals how interventions are impacting the individual and the classes over time.


Trustmapping has been reviewed by leaders in psychology and education

The Trust Mapping Project is important as it provides objective data on the connectedness of a cohort of students. The data obtained can then be confirmed by subjective observations and information known about each student. The project also works to identify well-being issues before they become problematic, and to ensure that every student has someone they can go to in times of need. The speed at which the Trustmapping survey is conducted is highly advantageous. Most surveys are onerous and time consuming which leads to inaccuracy in student responses.
Dr. Brigitta Bogdanov
Organisational Psychologist
Happy Faces

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