Where will my data be physically located?

We use Amazon web services in Sydney for servers and database hosting. These are dedicated servers.

Is your website SSL Secured?

Yes, we use SSL encryption.

Who owns the data that we provide you? The school will be the owner of the data. We use it for reporting purposes (delivered only to the school), and we may also aggregate the data across schools to provide benchmark information, which can be compared to school data. Individual responses will not be used outside a school.

Is your website SSL Secured?

School data is stored by default in a shared environment. Multi-level security controls ensure that the data is not accessible outside those logins authorised to access the data. There is an option to use a dedicated server (with additional cost) to provide a dedicated (non-shared) data storage.

Is our information encrypted?

Information is encrypted in transmission. It is not encrypted in the database. The type of information stored is not deemed sensitive, so this is categorised as low risk.
Please let us know if you need more detailed responses.